– More than 20 years continuity of ISEPD –

The International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design (ISEPD) was established by the international cooperation of Japan, Korea and China, and the 1st symposium was held in Korea in February 2000. Till now the ISEPD conference has been held annually and the venue has expanded to the other Asian Countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal and India. Starting from the last year of the 20th Century, the ISEPD has provided valuable occasion to get-together wide-range of researchers for exchanging their knowledge of science and engineering of eco-materials more than 20 years, and the community is continuously expanding in not only Asia but also world-wide.

– What are happening in the 21st Century –

Now, the economy and industries are prominently developing in the world including the East, Mid and West Asia. The industrial development is derived from the scientific activities supported by enthusiastic and sincere researchers and engineers. The current worldwide issue is the global environment of earth and our society. In addition, the present pandemic of the new coronavirus COVID-19 make us extreme impact on our lifestyle as well as worldwide economy and industry. How can we protect the environment? How can we realize the sustainable society? How can we keep our safe and healthy life? And how to develop coming IoT society precisely? It is clear that the key for solving these problems might be the materials design and processing.

– ISEPD’s mission –

On a global basis, the ISEPD conference will cover outstanding advancements in research, production and use of eco-materials. This symposium series offers material researchers and users a valuable opportunity for new knowledge on eco-materials in the fields of green processing, advanced materials, energy conversion, environmental protection, long-term usage, and so on, but not limited. From very basic science to advanced application and industrialization, the ISEPD conference always challenges to provide academic platform for sharing various ideas and knowledges and for transferring them not only to communities but also societies. We are always welcome your joining to the ISEPD.