The conference series of the International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design (ISEPD) started by the international cooperation of Japan, Korea in February 2000. Till now the ISEPD conference has been held annually and the venue has expanded to the other Asian Countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal and India. Starting from the last year of the 20th Century, the ISEPD has provided valuable occasion to get-together wide-range of researchers for exchanging their knowledge of science and engineering of eco-materials more than 20 years, and the community is continuously expanding in not only Asia but also world-wide.

The up-coming conference schedule can be shown in this web site. Details please refer to the individual information page.

After several years of postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the next conference, The 22nd ISEPD, will be scheduled in January 2024 in Thailand. Detailed information will be noticed via the homepage of ISEPD2024 soon.

Thank you.

The ISEPD Committee